it’s like 80 in SF today!

Your ass is out. You have no decency. Hope you were going to the beach and not just casually walking around.

HAHAHAHAHH fuck off. I 100% walked around all day like that because I can. I have more decency than you though, at least I understand that people have the right to wear what makes them feel good :’)

Attention seeking? I don’t understand how that’s decency. Sure you’re not a whore, but you are wearing their outfit. c:

awwww you guys, look! someone’s trying to be cute with their casual misogyny c: I mean you can fuck off. how I chose to dress makes no difference in your life or anyone else’s.

I normally would side with the chick on this one but honestly you’re the same girl who calls a guy “thirsty” and a “pervert” for simply looking your way because you’re dressed so provocative. There are other (much more decent and easier) ways of showing you are happy with yourself. This is no way to dress just walking around. This is a whores outfit no matter who is wearing it no matter how attractive they are. It’s kinda like when girls buy those tiny tiny tiny skirts for one dance.

oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that you knew me. in all honesty I can’t even think of the last time the words “pervert” escaped my mouth so you can fall back anytime now. and nah, it’s pretty clear that you would never side with a chick on this.

The way someone dresses does not make them a whore, slut, or easy!!!!